If You're Not Yet Like Me by Edan Lepucki

If You're Not Yet Like Me - Edan Lepucki


“There is a moment, when a woman’s foolishness slips into delusion. The former is forgivable, the latter isn’t. You will never live it down. Remember that.”




Title: If You're Not Yet Like Me

Author: Edan Lepucki

Genre: Contemporary | Short


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*** BOOK BLURB ***


Joellyn—as judgmental as she is insecure—tells her unborn daughter the story of her courtship with an unemployed, terribly-dressed man named Zachary. The novella is a romantic comedy—if romantic comedies were dark and screwed up and no one got exactly what they wanted.


*** REVIEW ***


 Joellyn, the sarcastic and painfully honest narrator of this book, is one of the most realistic and relatable characters I've encountered in a long time. If You're Not Yet Like Me is Joellyn's confessional explanation of her unborn baby's origins, told directly to her child. This raw, one-sided conversation is so vivid that reading it feels like reading a stranger's diary.